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School Info

Pacific Crest Academy

Mission, Vision, and SLOs



Prepare students for leadership in 21st century careers through a technology infused instruction emphasizing STEM, communication, historical perspectives, quality internships and early college experience. We empower individuality with adaptable and supportive learning models that meet students where they are and ignite the passion, knowledge, skills and character for lifelong growth and positive impact.


We believe students will become productive citizens when they are challenged and mentored in leadership, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Our student centered education includes the following:
• Students experience a rigorous blended online learning environment that prepares them for advanced education
  options, future employment, and post-secondary education.
• Students have meaningful communications through face-to-face interactions, and virtually throughout their school 
• Students complete meaningful projects and solve challenging problems while interning in the community by learning 
  and applying academic skills consistent with real world expectations, standards and knowledge.
• Students are aware of what they are expected to learn, know what they have learned, and can identify what they still 
  need to learn.
• Students are aware of their individual interests and talents, and they know how to seek out opportunities to work on 
  relevant projects and curriculum that interests them.
• The staff seeks to continually improve and expand their knowledge of teaching practices, curriculum, and
  innovative technology.
• The school community embraces the diversity of the school population by fostering a school culture of safety,
  acceptance, and respect.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

The Pacific Crest Academy's Schoolwide Learner Outcomes provide the framework for student success. The combination of challenging, standards-based curriculum, and effective rigorous teaching strategies prepare graduates for life after high school.
All Graduates from the Pacific Crest Academy will be:
            Evidence Based Researchers and Problem Solvers who:
                  • Analyze and evaluate information
                  • Evaluate mistakes and make improvements
                  • Synthesize information
                  • Draw conclusions from evidence and support conclusions with multiple sources
                  • Formulate their own questions and pursue a path of inquiry
            Life-Long Learners who are Prepared for College and Career who:
                  • Be prepared for postsecondary options
                  • Complete prerequisites that allow students to attend regional universities
                  • Demonstrate employable skills through an internship or work experience
                  • Utilize available resources to identify, research, and pursue multiple career pathways
                  • Demonstrate ability to work in collaborative and diverse learning groups
            Effective Communicators that are Global-Minded Citizens who:
                  • Apply acquired knowledge to be able to resolve local and global issues
                  • Demonstrate an understanding of one's individual responsibilities in their community
                  • Are active participants in building and maintaining a positive school environment
                  • Demonstrate leadership at a range of levels from local to global
                  • Express empathy and compassion in working with diverse communities and cultures
             Technologically Knowledgeable Citizens who:
                  • Effectively use technology to access, research, analyze, present, disseminate, and exchange information
                  • Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information and media presented in diverse formats in order to
                    address a question or solve a problem
                  • Approach technological innovations and change with a desire to learn, master, and improve
                  • Use technology to develop solutions to address societal challenges and produce new opportunities