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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your school Free? Yes, we are 100% free public school.

2. Can I attend the dances of my high school of residence?

Yes, you can!  Please contact the office to pick up a dance attendance form.  Please note, some school sites do limit a couple of dances per year to only full time students who attend their campus.

3. Do you offer Athletics or Extracurricular activities? Yes. Students have access to the sports teams at their high school of residence. Students can also access some of the extracurricular activities at their high school of residence.  Pacific Crest Academy also provides some of its own activities.

4. What is a Hybrid/Blended School?

In brief we use virtual tools to provide a blended learning experience.  This allows for a customized learning experience and ample 1:1 time in class with the teacher.  Our model follows the methods that most universities today are using.  Students may attend as little as two days/mandatory classes per week in person. When not at school, students may participate in live broadcasts of lessons from the comfort of home.  With that said, students also have the option to attend school daily! 


5. What grade do you serve?

We serve grade 9-12 and offer a complete high school program.  

6. Are your teachers qualified? Yes. Our school is part of the El Dorado Union High School District. All of our teachers have to meet the same rigorous requirements as all the teachers in the district. Therefore, all of our teachers are certified Highly Qualified by the State of California and have college degrees in every subject they teach.  

7. Can my student be concurrently enrolled at other schools? Yes. Your student can take up to two classes at their normal high school site. Your student can also take classes at Folsom Lake College. Pacific Crest Academy even has a program to help students get priority registration at Folsom Lake College.  

8. How would my student get to your school? All students have access to the district bus system for a small cost. There are bus routes that your student can take advantage of that will transport them directly to Pacific Crest Academy in the morning and back home in the afternoon.

9. Does your school offer a Tier 1 diploma that is accepted by the UC/CSU system and the Military? Yes. All of our core courses are A-G approved and all branches of the Military accept our diploma.

10. Is your school academically challenging? Absolutely. For students looking for even more rigor, students have access to Folsom Lake College courses, both here at Pacific Crest Academy and at Folsom Lake College campuses.  All of our courses are accepted by the UC/CSU system. Furthermore, our school has been certified by the State of California through the Western Accreditation of Colleges and School accreditation process. We have also been accredited by the states leading Charter School Association.

11. Do you offer Free/Reduced Lunch for families in need? Yes. We do offer a complete breakfast and lunch program at Pacific Crest Academy for families who meet the free and reduced lunch requirements. Families who meet these requirements also qualified for a discounted pricing for transportation.